Social Media Marketing Do’s and Dont’s (Part 1)

Social Media Marketing Do’s & Dont’s (Part 1)

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, there is a lot of advice out there on WHAT you should be doing across a seemingly endless range of social media channels.

It’s pretty simple, any business that wants to survive needs social media – but plenty have also had their image tarnished and brand destroyed by errors in judgment.

We’re going to give you the top 10 dos and don’ts of social media marketing over the next two posts.


Tip 1: You Don’t Have To Be On Every Social Media Network

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Most people when setting up social media sites for their businesses think that they must be on all social media sites at the same time. It’s probably best you don’t as you’re setting yourself up for failure. Why? First off, setting up social media sites takes time – and if you’re unfamiliar with a platform, it’s going to take even longer! Publishing too takes time. Finally, each social media platform has a different audience, with different expectations and the way you post on Instagram, isn’t the same as the way you’d post on Twitter.

Do: Start By Using Social Media Sites You’re Familiar With

You are less likely to make social media faux pas with sites that you’re familiar with because you already know the platform. You, personally, are more likely to post and engage with customers as a business entity, if you are comfortable in doing so. Start with 2-3 social media sites. They don’t even need to be the “big’ social media platforms. A lot of businesses are gaining traction and a solid social media following from newer sites such as Snapchat and Instagram where the audience is very engaged.


Tip 2: Don’t just “set and forget”

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It’s a rookie mistake to think that just because you have a social media page that customers will come flocking to it. They won’t! Building an online community takes time, planning, and perseverance.

Your customers will not engage with your brand if you’re offering them nothing. It’s also worth noting that people will turn to social media for more information about your business. If they log on to your Facebook page to learn more about you, only to discover you haven’t posted anything for a year, wave goodbye to that sale!

Do: Understand that Social Media Marketing Takes Time & Planning

Maintaining successful social media is time-consuming. You need to be aware of this fact before even opening an account. At the very least, you should have a list of post ideas that you can look back on, should you be running low on ideas. Better still is to have a calendar which you can plug post ideas into. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with it.

Remember, your social media presence should be a window into your business. You got into your business for a reason — probably because you love what you do! Let your personality, and your love for what you do, shine!


Tip 3: Don’t make stuff up!

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Don’t lie. Don’t make stuff up – you will be quickly found out! It’s easy to fake a social media presence but if that online persona isn’t matched by the real-world experience, you’re in serious trouble.  Social media is, by nature, social but we also know that society can be very cruel at times. Stick to doing what you do well and don’t embellish (too much).

Do: Be authentic!

Do use humor in your posts. Do display your wins and even your mistakes! People engage with people – not faceless brands. You are more likely to have an engaged audience if you are personable and authentic.


Tip 4: Don’t Be Overly Marketing–Orientated With Your Posts

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Yes, you want to sell, but people don’t like to be sold to. If you fill your social media pages with ads (rather than being, you know… social) your engagement will suffer.


Do: Mix your content

Give your followers a reason to like you! Share posts from other pages that are applicable to your business (this is called curating). Offer insights into your business and exclusive “behind the scenes” content that customers won’t normally see.

This gives your social media followers something more – and a reason to share and engage with your pages. Sure, it may not bring an immediate sale, but your fans will be more likely to return to your store if they enjoy what you’re doing online.


Tip 5: Don’t automate between platforms

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So, you’ve bitten off a little bit more of the social media carrot than you can chew. You might be tempted to publish from one platform directly to another, i.e. from Twitter to Facebook.


Twitter posts are immediately recognizable by Facebook users as not being “native” to Facebook and it will instantly turn them off from engaging with your post. It’s lazy; it’s terrible for your brand.


Do: Take the time the craft posts for the channel

Each social media channel has its own identity and “style” if you will. Yes, hashtags on Twitter and Instagram are great, but a big no for Facebook (ironic hashtags on Facebook are passé too, FYI). Images are displayed differently between Instagram, Linked In and Twitter. Know the differences between the platforms and take the time to craft individual posts for each platform that you are using.

The increase in engagement that you receive from taking the time to create individual posts will be more than worth the effort.


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