Social Media Marketing Do’s & Dont’s (Part 2)

Social Media Marketing Do's & Dont's (Part 2)

Part two of our do’s and don’ts of social media. This month we look at how often you should be posting, how to generate good quality content, and what to do when things head south!

 Tip 6: Don't Bore your Audience!

Social Media Marketing Do's & Dont's (Part 2) 1

Are you boring your audience? Are you posting things that you personally like but may not be engaging for your audience? Do you have a product that is necessary, but bores your customers to tears? You need to be a little creative.

Do: Post Content that People will Enjoy, or Learn from

Even if you have a boring product there are plenty of things you can do to spice up your content. Highlight staff, run a competition, find a unique way to promote your product – “Will it Blend?”, for example, racks up millions of views for their videos which were designed to sell a range of blenders. It’s easy to say, “think outside the box”, so we won’t. Instead, here’s a link to 36 social media ideas.

Tip 7: Be Consistent on Social Media

Social Media Marketing Do's & Dont's (Part 2) 2

If you’re not posting a minimum four times a week, you’re probably not generating enough content to develop a community and yes, your content does have to be quality. We warned you last month that social media can be time consuming!

Do: Post Often! - Aim for at least one post a day

Some social media “gurus” suggest tweeting up to 15 times a day! You’re most likely not a news service, so this might be a little difficult. Keep a calendar of ideas to lighten the burden. Also, it’s a good idea to know when your audience is online. You can search for stats online for the best time to post for your industry and within the social media platform insights section.

Tip 8: Watch what you post - insensitive content can drive customers away

Social Media Marketing Do's & Dont's (Part 2) 3

The social acceptance of certain issues (think #metoo) has shifted recently as well. Remember that you’re a business, so be wary of promoting your own personal viewpoint, unless you know your audience very well. You run the risk of alienating customers – and who can afford that?

Do: Share a Wide Variety of Content

And in different formats – photos, links, video etc. The rule for social media posts is that you should have 70% your own content, 20% shared (or curated content) and 10% sales-related content. Watch the curated material – ensure that it is relevant to your brand!

Tip 9: Don't Delete Negative Comments

Social Media Marketing Do's & Dont's (Part 2) 4

Sometimes you really, really don’t want to hear complaints … but hold up before you press that delete button. Think – what is that customer (and their friends) going to think if you delete their comments? That you’re hiding something. And it won’t make the person go away – you’re more likely to inflame the situation. So, again, for those in the back: DON’T DELETE NEGATIVE COMMENTS!

Do: Review, Respond, and Learn

It’s very important that you don’t leave negative comments out there for others to interpret. We suggest taking a breath before responding first. Don’t respond in anger. Ask yourself: is this a valid criticism? Is it something you can (or should) fix? If the answer is yes, respond with a “thank you” and how you will do better. Of course, not all responses will be the same and it depends upon the manner of the post. Here’s a handy guide on how you should respond to negative comments.

Tip 10: Don't Assume that Problems will go away

Social Media Marketing Do's & Dont's (Part 2) 5

What do you do when, despite best-laid plans, the worst happens and you find yourself embroiled in a social media crisis? If you think that it will all just blow over, then you haven’t been on the internet for very long.

Do: Have a plan

Respond quickly, be genuine in your response and, as we told you last month, don’t make things up! You should be looking to get the conversation offline as quick as possible and you may have to take a hit to your reputation for a while. If you’re unsure of what a social media crisis plan is, we’ve got you covered.

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