How To Optimize Your Sales Content

How To Optimize Your Sales Content

One of the main goals of marketing and/or advertising is to communicate effectively to consumers that our particular product/service meet their needs or wants. To achieve this goal, you must optimize your content! You need an attractive interface that draws eyes, keeps them fixated, and initiates an action.

This may sound obvious, but sometimes we are so immersed in the details of printed ad— business hours, photo selection, marketing message, offers, disclaimers, etc. — that we lose sight of what’s most important.

“The bottom line is none of those things matter if the message is not articulated clearly and concisely enough to grab attention & initiate action.”

Optimized Acronyms!

To optimize your content follow this acronym Here is where C.I.S.S. comes in.  Unlike the other K.I.S.S. acronym - Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. - this C.I.S.S. acronym stands for:

  • C - Clean.
  • I - Imaginative.
  • S - Sleek.
  • S - Simple.

It is a clean, modern and sophisticated approach to designing ads.   In fact, new research shows consumers prefer this type of advertising over traditional ads that have more auxiliary info.  >> For more on this, check out the Did You Know section below!

Optimize your Sales Content with Valpak Coupons

LEAN ads designed by our in-house team!

Like what you see?

Next time you're thinking about your print ad, we suggest you keep these things in mind:

  • Less is more
  • Simple & Bright
  • Engaging photography/Imagery
  • Concise marketing headline
  • Fewer words

And, of course, Seal it with a C.I.S.S.

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Did You Know?

When comparing the LEAN design to a traditional design, consumers favored the LEAN design!


found the LEAN design more visually appealing


believed the LEAN design more effectively
communicates the savings


said the LEAN design enhanced their experience of
looking through the envelope

For consumers, a better experience with Valpak is a better experience with YOUR brand.

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