Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Reach Phoenix Arizona Consumers


Direct mail advertising is the most cost-effective way to reach tens of thousands of Phoenix Metro Area consumers by delivering your ad directly to their mailboxes.

Direct mail isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing method. There are multiple formats that should be considered before any mailing depending on the goal of your advertising campaign. Some of the most common types of direct mail are: direct mail coupons, flyers, circulars, and standard postcards (SOLO mail).


It’s Memorable. Your message and brand are more likely to be remembered by consumers who are introduced to your business when they receive your promotion in their mailboxes.

It Gets Response. With a response rate of 3.7%, direct mail gets a higher response than email, paid search, online display, and social media.1

It’s Precise. Direct mail can target specific households based on purchase behavior, household income or demographic. In the same way digital advertising does, you can use online browsing and buying data to send relevant coupons and ads to homes in a format that consumers prefer.

It’s Relevant. 89% of millennials will pick up their mail at the first opportunity.2 77% pay attention to direct mail advertising and 52% will switch brands if they have a coupon.3 

It's Affordable. The cost to design, print(in color) and mail a direct mail piece can be as low as 3 cents per home!

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Valpak is the most recognized direct mail program there is with 9 of 10 households receiving the Blue Envelope open and look through the coupon offers.4 Even as technology advances direct mail is the most memorable and preferred marketing available.

In the Phoenix Valley The Blue Envelope is mailed to 760,000 homes each month, reaching consumers with an average household income of $96,035. 

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Our expertise in graphic design and messaging can help you grow your customer base using our standard coupon format. Valpak’s lean design principle has a lot in common with billboards. Using one image and one offer, lean design keeps consumers focused on your brand and message during the short time you have their attention.


2-, 3- or 6-panel Flyers provide additional image area to showcase your many products, services, locations or menus. A colorful, thicker insert featuring your brand and your offers will instantly capture attention. Consider using larger formats in between your standard coupon mailings to increase consumer anticipation and engagement.


Cardstock printing that makes your advertising look and feel different than other print formats with increased tracking and security. Give your direct mail campaign a sturdy start and a strong finish with unique imprinting, choice of finish, various size formats and other customizations. Available in uncoated finishes and various paper thickness, cardstock and Business Reply Mail drive consumer action.


Our 8-, 12- or 16-page circulars rival freestanding newspaper inserts with the added value of mailing to a targeted audience. Envelope Cover It’s like mailing a solo piece without the high postage expense. Grab the attention of your consumers by occupying the prime position on the outside of the envelope.


Your business profile on and the Valpak app will extend the reach of your offers to our network of websites, apps, search engines and directories. Features include: an optimized marketing message, menu integration and digital media. Package options available for all purchased distributions in the Blue Envelope.